Komatsu Equalizer Bar List

Komatsu Equalizer Bar List published. 

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Caterpillar Equalizer Bar List

Caterpillar Equalizer Bar List published. 

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MTK at Bauma 2019 Munich Fair

We Attended Bauma 2019 Munich Fair. 

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» MTK Construction Machinery Spare Parts

In 1972 MTK Makina was established as a domestic manufacturer and producer of earthmoving machineries' replacement spare parts aiming at satisfying the market needs inside of Turkey. By the beginning of the third millennium, MTK Makina has witnessed a turning point in the growth and development of its factors of production and technical processes which have allowed us to expand and compete within the international market with our scope focus on our first rate quality standards.

Today, MTK Makina is maintaining that focus with our eye on the increase of our international and domestic market share through meeting our client's expectations by satisfying their needs for the high quality standards and production facilities.

With that in mind, every day we strive for the betterment of our parts to meet the quality our clients deserve, for we don't believe that individual growth exists, we believe that to grow; all our stakeholders should be on the same level of growth along with ours.

We envision MTK Makina as the leader in providing the high quality replacement parts globally...

Our mission is providing our market with premium quality replacement spare parts aligned with the international standards that can meet our customers' expectations and maintain their long term satisfaction while using eco-friendly factors of production.


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